Artist Statement


Painting is a seductive way of meditation and escape from the commotion of everyday life. My art is a continually evolving exploration of paint and application. By focusing on the sensuousness of paint itself, I am able to tell a story about whatever is going on. I don’t consciously turn off the cerebral part of my brain when I am starting to paint, but at the same time I don’t worry if it is making sense or hanging together. That is the elusive and complex process of painting. By making art I can use an intelligence that lies underneath words but can rely on itself. I can’t limit the influences that come into my work as my painting is informed by everything around me. Somehow the viewer will get a sense of whatever is going on and use their own logic to put together a story and interpret what I do. The communication is buried in the surface. Finishing a painting involves believing in the forms enough so that they begin to have the same presence that objects and people have in life.


In the world of painting, abstraction appears again and again, asserting its place with its relevance to pictorial and spatial illusions. Abstraction can be constantly re-envisioned with a dazzling range of approaches. Abstraction’s continuance has everything to do with the insatiable appetite of artists to make new arguments on painting’s behalf. Its vocabulary is in continuous question. The possibilities of form and colour are constantly being re-activated by new strategies. Abstract painting is continually mixing with more conceptual tools as artists work in their studios, extending the tradition of painting, moving it ahead, attempting a visual art that means something.


The challenge of inventing and creating infinite possibilities continues to revive painting itself. If you’re not working from preconceived forms and thinking, then you can concentrate on expression. It is possible I think to make art on this instinctive level, out of a deeply felt response. A painting has to have breath in it; it has to breathe. The painting process has to go on but one must work while the work still breathes. If you don’t know when to stop, and carry the picture too far, the painting dies. When the meaning of reality itself is being argued, abstraction can be concrete; a comment on the experience as well as the experience itself. Painting is an act of continuous clarification.